"Never gonna forget every single thing you do
When loving you is my finest hour
Leaving you, the hardest day of my life
The hardest day of my life"

One more day, one last look
Before I leave it all behind
And play the role that’s meant for us
That said we’d say goodbye

One more night by your side
Where our dreams collide
And all we have is everything
And there’s no pain there’s no hurt
There’s no wrong it’s all right

If I promise to believe will you believe
That there’s nowhere that we’d rather be
Nowhere describes where we are
I’ve no choice, I love you
Leave, love you wave goodbye

And all I ever wanted was to stay
And nothing in this world’s gonna change, change
Never wanna wake up from this night
Never wanna leave this moment
Waiting for you only, only you


@rendysptdi miss deh liat video ini :)) rambutnya masih ganteng ga botak ky skrg